Concrete Cutter

What is Concrete Cutter?

A concrete cutter is a powerful tool used in construction and demolition projects to cut through concrete surfaces, including walls, floors, and pavement. The cutter is typically equipped with a diamond blade that is capable of slicing through tough materials with ease.

We are the leading Concrete Cutter Exporter in India. Concrete cutters come in various sizes and designs, ranging from handheld models to larger walk-behind machines. They are commonly used in applications where precise cuts are required, such as when creating openings for doors, windows, or utility lines.

construction and demolition projects, concrete cutters are also used in the manufacturing of concrete products, such as precast panels and blocks. 

Types of Concrete Cutter & Its Uses

Here are some popular types of concrete cutter and its uses:

Handheld Concrete Cutters:

Handheld concrete cutters are small, portable tools that are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. They are commonly used for small cutting jobs, such as creating openings for doors or windows.

Walk-Behind Concrete Cutters:

Walk-behind concrete cutters are larger machines that are pushed along by an operator. They are designed for larger cutting jobs, such as cutting through pavement or thick concrete slabs.

Diamond Wire Concrete Cutters:

Diamond wire concrete cutters use a wire with diamond beads to cut through concrete. They are ideal for cutting through reinforced concrete or other hard materials.

Wall-Mounted Concrete Cutters:

Wall-mounted concrete cutters are stationary machines that are attached to a wall or other structure. They are commonly used for precision cutting jobs, such as cutting openings for windows or creating decorative designs in concrete walls.

Handheld Ring Saw Cutters:

Handheld ring saw cutters use a circular blade to cut through concrete. They are particularly useful for cutting through thick concrete walls or slabs.

Why choose Concrete Cutter from us?

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