Bar Bending Machine

CertificationCE Certified
ColorBlack, Yellow
Rated Power3-5kw
Warrenty1 Year
Brand NameVatheev
Size4mm to 40mm
MaterialMild Steel, Stainless Steel, Electro Plated, Galvanized iron (GI), Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Brass, Aluminium

What Is A Bar Bending Machine?

Bar Bending Machine is a unique type of Engineering Steel bar bending equipment. These Bar Bending Machines are simple to operate with the best level of performance.

KGRK Enterprises is the leading Bar Bending Machine manufacturers bringing you the best designs for quick applications. These are especially composed of transmission parts, enclosures, stands, as well as electrical appliances.

Normally, these machines are capable of quick bending of steel bars from 0 to 180 degrees. The top Bar Bending Machine manufacturers in India have been providing these small and light construction machines ever since 1999.

Types Of Bar Bending Machines & Its Uses:

  • Portable Rebar Bender:

Heavy-duty portable rebar benders are one of the types of executing rebar bends. These provide accurate results even without damaging the strength of metal rods. It has a strong electrical-mechanical bender with 2 preset angle locks. These also repeat the same angle bend to enable quick results. You can ultimately bend the different sizes as well as grades in rebar.

  • Electric Rebar Bender:

The Electric Rebar Bender is a unique type of machine which bends the steel rod bar in various angles and arcs based on the requirements. The AffordableBar Bending Machine manufacturers also bring you Electric rebar bending machines scientifically designed with accuracy. The compact structure of these machines makes them completely durable in all aspects. It can be applied in reinforced-concrete construction for bending the bars at any angle.

  • Hydraulic Rebar Bender:

Hydraulic rebar bender helps save your time with straightening or even bending the bent rebar. Hydraulic rebar bender also functions with the simple 90-degree portable electric rebar bender giving better stability in bending. Shuanglong Machinery Co., Limited is a reliable Bar Bending Machine Exporter in India, providing you with professional service. These are available in different sizes and diameters of rebars. It ranges from 4 mm to 60 mm for bending using the hydraulic rebar bender.

  • Automatic Rebar Bender:

Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd brings you the latest automatic rebar bender enabled with advanced systems for accomplishing the task automatically. The machine bends various stirrup figures suitable for straightening as well as bending TMT bars. Choosing the BestBar Bending Machine manufacturers helps you to easily save time on the giant project. The machine is available in both automatic and manual versions.

Why Choose Bar Bending Machine From Us?

Rebar bending machines are used for bending angles with the highest accuracy. Machines are suitable for bending varieties of steel bars, reinforcement bars, TMT and more. These can be used in the construction industry for ceiling hooks, scaffolding safety hooks, and more.

Our plant has more than 15000 square meters, like accessories processing workshop, assembly shop, warehouse, and more.

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