Mild Steel Washers

CertificationsISI Certified
Brand NameKGRK
Surface TreatmentPolished
Size4mm to 40mm
MaterialMild Steel, Stainless Steel, Electro Plated, Galvanized iron (GI), Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Brass, Aluminium

What is the effective use of mild steel washers and their manufacturing effects?

Mild steel is an element that is mainly used for the designing of washers. Here you can come to know about What are Mild Steel Washers? These are the washers designed with mild steel, and our products are exported across the global effects to clients who prefer our products. Mild steel consists of less carbon. Hence it is used for various operations. The ductility can be increased with the use of less carbon. Because we are given the high stress of the washers, mild steel is preferable.

What do you know about mild steel washers?

At Vatheev, we always sell high-quality, precision-made u-bolt from top manufacturers. Our u-bolts are made with the finest materials and designed to meet industry standards. As we always sell at the top, customers ask us to have u-bolts at reasonable prices.

U-bolt specification to grab

By reading this passage, you can come to know about the Types of Mild Steel Washers & Its Uses. They are available in various types. They are

Plain washer does not have any locking function, and they are mainly used to protect the surface from various damages.

A spring washer is used to eliminate the rattle and maintain the assembly tension, absorbing

the shock loads and providing the controlled reaction of the dynamic loads.

The tooth washer prevents the nuts and bolts turning from slipping and becoming loose because of the vibration and forces.

A Taper washer can be used on the channel sections, with the nuts with the tapered flanges, which enable the bolt assembly to fit the square when tightened.

Tab washer, which secures the bolted joints by using the physical barrier. This washer is a thin piece of metal that has a rectangular or circular body shape. It is installed between the bolt and the mating surface. The bolted joint is tightened like the regular bolt.

A Star washer is used with the smaller bolts and screwed with the electrical components.

A flat washer is important when the contact area between the screw-bearing surface and the object fastened is small. It is made with soft materials like aluminum or resin.

Dock washers are used in the construction of applications where there is a requirement for low carbon, and thick washers are specified.

Split washer, used to prevent bolted joints from loosening. They are featured with the ring, which has been splitted and twisted, which enables tightening of the bolted joint.

Ogee washer prevents nuts and bolts from pulling into the wood in the applications like dock construction.

What is the reason for choosing mild steel from our company?

We provide the best mild steel washers. We are providing high-quality products for better connectivity to the consumers. This is the reason Why choose Mild Steel Washers from us? The manufacturing technology was quite modern, and they used the latest techniques according to the requirement of the user. Provision of high-strength mild steel washers. We offer the best manufacturing of mild steel, which gives you longevity. 

What is the purpose of a mild steel washer?

They are mainly used to conjunct with the screw fastener like bot or nut, which usually serves to keep the screw from loosening or to distribute the load from the nut or bolt can be head over the larger area.

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